Review of the M-AIRE MG-46MLS

Description of the M-AIRE MG-46MLS


M-Aire rods which are exclusively for salmonid fishing are produced by a Japanese master rod maker Masaki Masakage. Made in limited quantity batches thus hard to come by. Each model year can be distinguished by the blank and guide thread colors. This specific rod is from 2020. Made from fiber glass (Masakage Glass). Happen to stumble upon this specific model the M-AIRE MG-46MLS on a Japanese auction site. And have been using it for almost a full season.

As the model name indicates the rod is 4.6feet or 1.40cm in length. A popular size in japan for smaller faster flowing streams. Tested the rod both in small and mid sized rivers. When used in the latter casting was accurate, but I always lacked an extra 1m – 2m of distance. But since the rod is not intended for these conditions it is a non issue. The quality cork handle is 205mm in length. The custom reel seat has a wood insert. The rod butt has a clean metallic plug. The reel tightens with two screws, which are positioned closer to the end of the handle. Big fan of this placement since they do not disrupt the ergonomics of the handle. The cork is nice to the touch. Overall the reel seat has a minimal, stylish and comfortable design. From the start I paired it with a Shimano Stella 2500, after some time tried the Shimano Vanquish C2500SHG. As it is lighter the balance felt better and overall the setup felt more settled.

With titanium frames and Torzite rings the rod weights 80gr. Declared lure weight is from 1 – 6gr. Both are accurate, but to get the most from a glass rod I think lures from 4g give a chance for the blank to shine. Meaning the fiber glass blank flings the lure on its own action with little input needed from the angler. Thus making it more forgiving to fisherman mistakes. The rod is intended for use with hard lures and spoons. When twitching minnows up to 6cm the rod animates them well. Since the rod has a semi fast action rocking the rod back an forth produces very aggressive movement. Spoons and spinners work well.

In the west shorter rods are not as popular. As many anglers have an opinion that longer rods help to fight, tire the fish with more control and confidence. But the MG-46MLS has great fish play and the rod works throughout. It has a matt green/cream finish. With sky blue accents. A lovely touch is the hand written model and specs of the rod, by the rod builder himself.



Construction/Quality: Cannot find any faults in the build quality – 10
Performance: A rod built for a specific use. And for that specific use works very well – 9
Price: Expensive and produced in limited quantity. 450eur – 550eur – 5
Features: Top quality features, with custom solutions for certain aspects – 8
Design (Ergonomics): Lovely design and great ergonomics – 9
Application: A rod for salmonid fishing in fast flowing water – 5
Total Score: 7.67
Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!

M-Aire MG-46MLS Pros and Cons:


+ Unique design – Limited use case
+ Handle – Availability
+ Great fish control – Price

In conclusion this rod is for delicate trout fishing with hard minnows. The rod possess beautiful design and some unique features. To name a few – the handle the glass blank and the exclusivity. Is it worth 450-550eur? If you are starting out in trout fishing or fish 3-4 times a year, do not buy this rod. On the other hand if you have already tried many other JDM rods and looking for your next fix this rod is for you.


M-Aire MG-46MLS Tech. specification:


M-Aire MG-46MLS
Length (cm): 140
Closed length (cm): 71.4
Lure wt (g): 1-6
Line (lb): 4-6
Rear grip length (mm): 205
Rod wt (g): 80
Carbon (%): Rod blank is made from fiber glass.

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