Trout gear for every budget

Trout gear for every budget

The point of this article is to provide anglers a list of trout gear for every budget. The list is compiled of gear that has earned positive recommendations amongst anglers. The products are compiled as sets to add structure, but can be switched around. That being said these are not reviews just general opinions and suggestions. The list will be updated every quarter or so with new options.

Trout gear on a budget – 150eur.


KUYING Teton 50 – 60eur.

A good rod to start. Trekking through thick brush to find an untouched streams will involve plenty of bangs, drops. It is durable and will handle what you throw at it. In the end the rod is tough, cheap and will get the job done.

Ryobi Applause 60 – 65eur.

Solid real. Praised by most anglers to be a great budget option.

Stroft GTM 5 – 6eur.

Stroft is well known amongst feeder and float anglers. Has earned a reputation of a durable, reliable line. As a result is used in competition fishing. In all quality line for a fair price.

Tsuyoki Swing 7 – 8eur.

Tsuyoki are new manufacturers, producing cheap lures. The Swing is a crank lure that will not only attract trout, but also chub, asp, perch.

SV Lures Metal Twitch 6 – 7eur.

With SV Lures spoons you scan various depths for trout. Furthermore short length spoons will also attract grayling. What is more comes with a barbless hook. The Metal Twitch series is aimed at anglers you enjoy the twitch retrieve.

Trout gear on a budget – 200eur.


Favorite Blue Bird 60 – 85eur.

If you have an extra 20eur. skip the Teton and go for the blue bird. Solid ultralight rod to catch anything from pike to trout. Moreover plenty of them floating in the second hand market.

Ryobi Zauber 80 – 95eur.

Ryobi Zauber a classic budget real. Outperforms most Shimano, Daiwa reels at the same price point.

Pontoon21 Exteer 18 – 21eur.

Awesome braid for ~20eur. Comes in 100m spools. Choose a color from black, yellow or green.

Pontoon21 Greedy Guts 9 – 11eur.

Pontoon21 has a wide variety of great lures. They are designed in Japan and carry a lot of characteristics of more expensive brands. Although Greedy guts is not the only lure in the Pontoon21 line up imitating the minnow. It is the one I have had most success with.

Forest Miu 7 – 8eur.

In spite of Forest Miu coming with a higher price tag, the lure is acknowledge around the world as top class. As a consequence is used in many competitions by professional anglers.

Trout gear on a budget – 350eur.


Major Craft Troutino 135 – 150eur.

Well established manufacturer that offers Japanese quality without the cost. Troutino is a rod for an enthusiast, nonetheless brings joy to the seasoned veteran. In addition the black glossy finish and a cork handle add glam to the rod.

Shimano Ultegra 100 – 120eur.

A reel that has a lot of bells and whistles of the higher tier shimano reels. For example HAGANE gear, X-Ship system.

DUO Spearhead Ryuki/Toto 15 – 18eur.

You have to have a DUO Spearhead Ryuki or Toto at your disposal. Surface minnows with active play. Favorites of many lure anglers.

Supremo Baila 15 – 17eur.

Beautiful minnow with an innovative double lip system. Consequently will give you an edge when the trout are wary and inactive.

Trout gear on a budget – 450eur.


Palms PinWheel 220 – 260eur.

Although created for rockfishing most European anglers use it for ultralight predatory fishing. In short a balanced spinning rod.

Shimano STRADIC 140 – 175eur.

A real that has most of Shimano’s innovations without the price tag. An ideal ‘all-round’ spinning reel.

YGK G-soul X4 Upgrade PE 20 – 25eur.

A tightly braided 4-strand construction body. Has thin coating as on other YGK lines for more casting distance.

Zipbaits Rigge 18 – 20eur.

At this price point there are plenty of lures to choose from, but the Rigge is a must have in any anglers lure box. A classic minnow, works in any situation.

Trout gear on a budget – 800eur.


Tenryu Lunakia 300 – 350eur.

At the high end most gear is supreme. Therefore matching your preferences (action, length, handle size etc.) become more important. I have picked the Tenryu Lunakia. Have had two generations of the rod, both did not disappoint. On the whole excellent sensitivity, build quality and versatile.

Shimano Vanquish 400 – 450eur.

The Vanquish is just below the Shimano Stella. Designed for ultralight, finesse fishing. Smooth action, clean line laying, reliable break, lightweight. Nothing more to ask from a real.

YGK G-soul X8 Upgrade PE 29 – 32eur.

8 string braided line. Well worth the investment. Will last for a couple intense fishing seasons

Trout gear on a budget – What budget ?


Ito Craft

The top tier of trout rods. Comes from Japan, oozes quality. Built from premium materials. Has a finesse design and top class performance. Hard to come by in the west, but always possible to order from Japan through proxy services.

Shimano Stella / Daiwa Exist

Legendary reels, some say they are not worth the price some swear by them till death. My advice would be to find a generation or 2 old reel and do a maintenance on it. Anglers never wear out the gears in a season’s worth of fishing and get new gear when the new gen arrives. You will save a 20-40% of the price and have an excellent reel that will serve you for ages.

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