Zipbaits Rigge Deep 35F

The Zipbaits Rigge Deep 35F is a model with a unique form and a lot of flash. This model’s many versions allow you to correspond to a wide range of fields. The minnow has the ability to attack the higher stream all the way down to the lower stream.


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Zipbaits Rigge Deep 35F

Zipbaits Rigge Deep 35F a distinctive lure with a compelling design and powerful visual allure. This versatile series offers a range of options to suit various fishing environments, from upper river sections to downstream locations.

What sets the Rigge Deep 35F apart is its innovative use of high-density tungsten for its weights. This material allows it to mimic the functionality of lead with just half the volume, resulting in a remarkably low center of gravity. As a consequence, the Zipbaits lure exhibits a robust rolling action and exceptional stability during retrieval, even during twitching and jerking motions. Plus, the Mag-Driver Super High Balanced System enhances casting distance and accuracy.

All lures in the Rigge series boast excellent flight characteristics, making it relatively easy to cast the Rigge Deep 35F several meters with the appropriate tackle.

In summary, the Rigge Deep 35F is your essential minnow for trout fishing, thanks to its unique shape and captivating flash. With a wide array of options within the Rigge series, it’s adaptable to various fishing scenarios, including area ponds when targeting trout.

Zipbaits Rigge Deep 35F tech. specifications

Weight: 2.2g

Length: 35mm

Working depth: 1 – 1.3m

Lure type: Floating (F)





Working depth

1 – 1.3m

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