ZipBaits Khamsin

A selection of lures from the ZipBaits Khamsin series. Choose from a variety of sizes, weights, working depths to suit your fishing conditions.

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Zipbaits Khamsin Jr. DR

The Khamsin Jr. DR suspending lure from Zipbaits is the deep diving variant of the Khamsin JR series. Typical The Khamsin series lures were designed specifically for catching bigmouth bass and have a shad shape. However, after demonstrating exceptional working abilities, they were able to attract other predators. It suspends in the strike zone, increasing the angler’s chances of hooking up. The original form of the body, suggestive of a crucian carp, distinguishes it.


Zipbaits Khamsin Jr. SR

Zipbaits Khamsin Jr. SR is a silent suspending, deep diving version of the Khamsin Jr. series of lures. Developed for catching bigmouth bass the Shad has a standard shape. As time went on the Zipbaits lure showed amazing performance with other predatory fish in lakes and rivers. The unique feature of suspending in the strike zone gives anglers a better chance for a hookup. The body shape reminds of a small crucian carp. The series have three main modifications that allows them to attack different water levels. The size of the lip dictates the working depth, thus this is the main difference between the lures.


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