Deep running

Deep running lure attack the deepest parts of the water.

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Pontoon21 Crack Jack 38F DR

Pontoon21 Crack Jack 38F DR

Crack Jack series of Pontoon21 offers the most variety of minnows. According to the operational depth, each size has three variations. Shallow runner (SR), medium runner (MR), and deep runner (DR) are three types of runners (DR). They can also be suspended or floating.


Zipbaits Khamsin Jr. DR

The Khamsin Jr. DR suspending lure from Zipbaits is the deep diving variant of the Khamsin JR series. Typical The Khamsin series lures were designed specifically for catching bigmouth bass and have a shad shape. However, after demonstrating exceptional working abilities, they were able to attract other predators. It suspends in the strike zone, increasing the angler’s chances of hooking up. The original form of the body, suggestive of a crucian carp, distinguishes it.


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