Pontoon21 Alter Idem 42SP SR

The balance system on the Pontoon21 Alter Idem 42SP SR is unique. In addition to the Cheerful family’s signature form. A little, silent hard lure shaped like a shad. Because of its small size, it may be used for both ultralight and light tackle fishing.


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Pontoon21 Alter Idem 42SP SR

Pontoon21 Alter Idem 42SP SR has a special balance system. As well as the iconic shape of the Cheerful family of lures. A small silent hard lure in the geometry of a shad. For its size it is equally suitable for both ultralight fishing or fishing with light tackle. The size of the lure is well suited for catching a wide variety of predators. Medium-sized pike, perch, rainbow, brown and brook trout. Stable, balanced, has delicate play, works even with the slowest retrieve. It has neutral buoyancy and a range of soft colors. These qualities emphasize the main idea behind the design of the model: catching passive predators.

Keeping the traditional stability of Cheerful, Pontoon21 Alter Idem 42SP SR is highly responsive even to the minimal manipulations. This small shad is capable of rolling. When a straight retrieve is used it has a “rolling” (swaying along the longitudinal axis) action. And when the retrieve speed increases, a stronger vibration appears. Also when retrieving fast, it acquires a characteristic trembling action. This is very useful if you fish for predators in warm waters.

Also it is capable of interesting movements when the retrieve is slow. It has a calm wobble which is successful in very cold waters. When fishing area trout ponds in late fall or winter this wobble will lift the passive trout from the bottom areas of the pond to the surface layers. Many strikes happen when you fully stop retrieving and stop manipulations with your rod. Moreover when twitching the minnow shows pirouettes, which have never seen.

The shallow-water version runs in the horizon from 0.4 – 0.6 meters, the medium-deep-water version 0.8 – 1 meters. Equipped with two ST-36BC series Owner treble hooks and small, but powerful rings.

Pontoon21 Alter Idem 42SP SR tech. specifications

Weight: 3g

Length: 42mm

Working depth: 0.4 – 0.6m

Lure type: Suspending (SP)

Hooks: ST-36BC





Lure type

Suspending (SP)

Working depth

0.4 – 0.6m

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