Lure fishing or Fly fishing

Fly vs. Spinning

My friend and I are on the way to a well-known river to both of us for a day of fishing . Friend is a fly fisherman who is trying to convert me to this cult. And I am trying to master spinning fishing. The stage is set for a little competition who will win Fly fishing or lure fishing. Last time we fished together I lost 2 fish to 1. We will see who is victorious on this occasion. Weather is sunny, with calm winds, just a beautiful day. Water levels seem normal. From the start I have a hunch that I am going to lose. My worries start to materialize in the first hour. My friend catches two trout with his own spuddler streamer. Both younglings, but still an excellent start.

Forest Miu to the rescure

2 hours in I have zero bites, if this continues I am looking to lose with a blow-out. But soon after I land a small trout with a Forest Miu 3.5gr. two tone spoon (gold, brown). From there the bites continue. Another 4 trout landed with the biggest around 30-35cm. The other – younglings about 20-25cm in length again all on the Forest Miu. I changed all my hooks to single barbless, so releasing these small trout is effortless with no damage caused. My friend had no bites after the first 2 fish. We covered around 3-4km of river and finished the day with a total of 7 trout between us. A great day of fishing with a friendly competition. In the future I am definitely going to try fly fishing, but for now I am sticking to lure fishing.

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