Jackson Inc. is well known as one of the front runners in high-quality fishing tackle. A name familiar among anglers and the worldwide fishing trade. Jackson,Inc. is a strong and innovative lure and rod brand. It covers both saltwater and freshwater fishing since 1980. Jackson strives to make joyful fishing tackle with soul. With absolute confidence in their products they supply tackle to fishermen around the world. They have dedicate themselves to create marvelous lures.

Jackson started in early days of Japanese lure fishing. The company launched “Cheiron” the first fishing rod specialized for Seabass. Several years later the “Athlete” minnow was released. Which added a rolling action to lures. At the time the main stream lures had only a wobbling action. It was a great success and was followed by “NyoroNyoro”, “Pintail”, “Rogos”, “Artoron”. All these have innovative actions.

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Jackson kanade 40S HAY

Jackson Kanade 40S

The Jackson Kanade allows the angler to fish slower sections of water. Depths where the fish like to sit. Reaching these slower pockets in faster streams is easy with the Kanade. The ability to fall into pockets of water and the semi long lip helps the angler and lure holds that position. Anglers can create action through the rod tip giving the lure a flashing and rolling action. This is easy due to its trapezoid style body.


Jackson Kanade 50S

The Jackson Kanade 50S enables trout fisherman to deliver the lure in slow sections of water. Depths where the fish wait for their prey. Reaching these slower pockets in faster streams is easy with the Kanade. The semi long lips, propels the lure to these pockets and help it stay there.

Jackson Trout tune 55S GCY

Jackson Trout tune 55S

Cast ability, water resistance and a sharp action are elements required to create a well-balanced lure all. Jackson Trout tune 55S posses all of these features. Two weights have been placed at its center. They help to grip water on the lip while keeping a natural sinking posture by making the front side heavier. Great lure for native trout fishing.

Jackson Trout Tune Deep 45S KY

Jackson Trout Tune Deep 45S

The Jackson Trout Tune Deep 45S has its inspiration from the Athlete series. Developed for deep water with a goal to lure and catch as many trout as possible. Anglers that are starting out will find the lure easy to control. When twitching the lure will display an extra layer of movement.


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