Zipbaits Rigge Deep 56SP

Zipbaits Rigge Deep 56SP has a branded, humped, elongated body shape that flashes in response to even the smallest light source. The most widely used size in the Rigge range is the 56mm minnow. It has shown to be a versatile minnow that draws in nearly all apex predators.


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Zipbaits Rigge Deep 56SP

ZipBaits Rigge Deep 56SP is a highly effective deep running wobbler from the Rigge series. Weighing 4.5g and with a running depth of 1.0 – 1.3m and a length of 5.6cm. It’s an excellent choice as a twitch bait for perch and trout. Its patented Mag-Drive technology ensures long casts and unique running behavior that fish find irresistible.

When used appropriately in calm currents, the small minnow mimic on the Rigge Deep 56SP is sure to generate a lot of bites. For even better results, try using it in the late evening, right before sunset, when prey fish tend to gather under the water’s surface. Position the Rigge Deep 56SP in the middle of the action and, after a spinning stop, allow it to drift upward for a little period of time, embellished with one or two light strokes with the rod tip. The perch and trout will not be able to resist and will immediately attack!

The unique design and outstanding technology of the Rigge Deep 56SP make it an essential component of any angler’s tackle box. Its deep running ability and ability to mimic small minnows make it perfect for catching perch and trout in a variety of settings. Either calm or rough currents will yield the desired results when using this bait.

For even greater success, consider pairing the Rigge Deep 56SP with other lures, such as the ZipBaits Khamsin Tiny for a complete fishing experience. With its proven track record and patented technology, the Rigge Deep 56SP is a must-have for any angler looking to catch more fish.


Zipbaits Rigge Deep 56SP tech. specifications

Weight: 3.4g

Length: 56mm

Working depth: 1 – 1.3m

Lure type: Suspending (SP)





Working depth

1 – 1.3m

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