Pontoon21 Hypnose 38F SR

A high-quality hard bait, the Pontoon21 Hypnose 38F SR is made to assist anglers catch more fish in both freshwater and saltwater settings. This lure is a must-have for any angler’s tackle box because to its realistic design and excellent workmanship.


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Pontoon21 Hypnose 38F SR

Pontoon21 Hypnose 38F SR is a top-quality hard bait that’s designed to help anglers catch more fish in both freshwater and saltwater environments. With its realistic design and superior construction, this lure is an essential addition to any angler’s tackle box.

One of the key features of the Hypnose 38F SR is its slim and tapered body, which creates a realistic swimming action that mimics the movements of a live baitfish. The lure also features a realistic scale pattern and 3D eyes, making it even more attractive to predatory fish.

The Hypnose 38F SR comes in a range of colors and patterns, including natural-looking options like silver and gold, as well as more bold and eye-catching choices like bright green and orange. This variety allows anglers to match the lure to the specific type of fish they are targeting, as well as the conditions of the water and weather.

The Hypnose 38F SR is also equipped with high-quality treble hooks that are sharp and durable, ensuring a solid hookset and a higher chance of landing your catch. The hooks are also strategically positioned to minimize the risk of snagging on rocks, weeds, or other underwater obstacles.

Overall, the Pontoon21 Hypnose 38F SR is an excellent choice for anglers who demand the best performance from their lures. Whether you’re targeting bass, trout, pike, or anything in between, this lure is sure to attract the attention of a wide range of fish species.

Pontoon21 Hypnose 38F SR tech. specs.

Weight: 3.7g

Length: 38mm

Working depth: 0 – 1m





Working depth

0 – 1m

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