Pontoon21 Hypnose 38F SSR

A high-quality hard bait, the Pontoon21 Hypnose 38F SSR is made to assist anglers catch more fish in both freshwater and saltwater settings. This lure is a must-have for any angler’s tackle box because to its realistic design and excellent workmanship.


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Pontoon21 Hypnose 38F SSR

Pontoon21 Hypnose 38F SSR is a premium hard bait that is designed to improve anglers’ chances of catching fish in both freshwater and saltwater settings. This lure boasts a slender and tapered body that produces a lifelike swimming motion resembling live baitfish. The realistic scale pattern and 3D eyes make the lure even more enticing to predatory fish.

The Hypnose 38F SSR is available in various colors and patterns, including natural hues such as silver and gold, as well as brighter and more striking options such as vivid green and orange. This variety enables anglers to match the lure to the fish species they are targeting and the water and weather conditions.

The Hypnose 38F SSR also features top-quality treble hooks that are both durable and sharp, guaranteeing a solid hookset and an increased likelihood of successfully landing a catch. The hooks are strategically positioned to minimize the chances of getting snagged on underwater debris like rocks, weeds, or other obstacles.

All things considered, the Hypnose 38F SSR is an excellent option for anglers who expect top-notch performance from their lures. Whether you’re after pike, bass, trout, or any other fish species, this lure is a surefire way to pique the interest of a wide range of fish.

Pontoon21 Hypnose 38F SSR tech. specs.

Weight: 3.8g

Length: 38mm

Working depth: 0 – 0.3m





Working depth

0 – 0.3m

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