Jackall Timon Tricoroll GT 56MD-F

In the Timon TRICOROLL GT series, a 56mm variant is now available. It has a low center of gravity thanks to a specific weight and magnet combination. While still being a floating model, the mechanism aids in achieving exceptional flight distance and a stable swim.


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Jackall Timon Tricoroll GT 56MD-F

A 56mm size model is now available in the Timon TRICOROLL GT series. It uses a custom made weight, magnet combo which creates a low center of gravity. The system helps to achieve outstanding flight distance and a stable swim while still being a floating model. The crisp wobbling roll is achieved due to the fat body.

Twitching with the Jackall Timon Tricoroll feels responsive and light. Near perfect finish flashes in sunlight whatever way you choose to retrieve the lure. Even though it is a mountain stream minnow, it can be used in smaller or bigger rivers. Even in lakes, thanks to the overwhelming flight distance casting from the banks will be no problem.

The mid running model allows anglers to attack a mid level of flow. This is especially important in colder months. When trout like to stalk in calmer waters.

Jackall Timon Tricoroll GT 56MD-F

Weight: 4.3g

Length: 56mm

Lure type: Floating (F)





Lure type

Floating (F)

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