Jackson Inc. is well known as one of the front runners in high-quality fishing tackle. A name familiar among anglers and the worldwide fishing trade. Jackson,Inc. is a strong and innovative lure and rod brand. It covers both saltwater and freshwater fishing since 1980. Jackson strives to make joyful fishing tackle with soul. With absolute confidence in their products they supply tackle to fishermen around the world. They have dedicate themselves to create marvelous lures.

Jackson started in early days of Japanese lure fishing. The company launched “Cheiron” the first fishing rod specialized for Seabass. Several years later the “Athlete” minnow was released. Which added a rolling action to lures. At the time the main stream lures had only a wobbling action. It was a great success and was followed by “NyoroNyoro”, “Pintail”, “Rogos”, “Artoron”. All these have innovative actions.

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Jackson Athlete 55ARF UIW

Jackson Athlete 55ARF

The Athlete series shines in flowing water. Since many fish prefer gentle surface flow the Jackson Athlete 55ARF is most suited for this use case. Based on this the engineers at Jackson tried to fine tune this lure to work on the surface. Casting is easy, keeping the lure on the surface also. The low weight allows the lure to move with ease. Its movement is comparable to lighter lures.

Jackson Kanade 50ARF GS

Jackson Kanade ARF

The Jackson Kanade ARF lets anglers reach deep, slow water in fast running streams. The exact depth were trout like to lure for their prey. Reaching these slower pockets in faster streams is easy with the Kanade. It gets there and stays stable in the current thanks to the semi long lip. Twitching is easy all anglers have to do is tug the rod tip.

Jackson Komachi 45F YAO

Jackson Komachi 45F

The Jackson Komachi 45F is very stable, thank to a tightly fixed weight. Perfect for twitching the quick responses from the lure entice the fish to bite. Also it is a floating type thus distinctive waves on the surface can be seen the retrieving. The lure has high catching potential although it looks cute.

Jackson Trout tune 55F AY

Jackson Trout Tune 55F

The Jackson Trout Tune 55F originated from the Athlete series. Created for native trout it has one goal – to catch as many fish as possible. This lure can be controlled by all anglers with ease. You can feel it react tactfully to your will and techniques.

Jackson Trout Tune Deep 45F BG

Jackson Trout Tune Deep 45F

The Jackson Trout Tune Deep 45F has its root in the Athlete series. Created for deeper areas with one goal in mind – to catch as many trout as possible. The lure is easy to control even for novice anglers. Furthermore twitching produces kyper actions, movements which attract fish. The minnows attracts not only trout, but perch, pike, asp, chub. You can feel it moving to your will and techniques.


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