Varivas Canvas Hook

Varivas Barbless Canvas Hook. Perfect for the catch and release method of fishing.


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Varivas Canvas Hook

Varivas Canvas Hook. #8 hook specifically designed for finesse fishing. Used with micro spoons under 1gr. in weight. Narrow gape, open point model for “shy”, non-aggresive takes, made from ultra-light gauge wire. #7 designed for slow activity situations.

Narrow gape, turned-in hook point resulting in deep hooking even from “light” takes from finicky trout. Solid Canvas hook ups and low loss rate. #6 wide gape, open-style, fine wire hook, resulting in faster and firmer hook-ups and reduced trout losses during play.

Perfect for wide range of techniques such as high and meduim pitch spooning and cranking. #4 wide gape, “power wire” Varivas hook pattern designed for fast-action, multiple fish takes, such as with newley released area trout. Especially suited for deep lure and minnow fishing. All in all great Varivas hooks to preserve and keep trout healthy.

  • Hook #4 – Quick Motion Style
  • Hook #6 Fast Hooking Special
  • Hook #6.5Finesse Spooning Virtuoso
  • Hook #7 Tough Conditions Master
  • Hook #7.5 Site Spooning Sharpshooter
  • Hook #8 Micro Spoon Special
  • Hook #8.6Eight-Six /#8 Size & #6 Shape
  • Hook #9 Little multi-player
  • Hook #11For precise and versatile micro spoons

Hook #4
Quick Motion Style
Wide gap shape. Extremely durable, 0.54 mm diameter hook with powerful penetration. Designed for fast-action, multiple fish takes. Ideal for fishing in freshly stocked lakes. Especially suited for bottom lure and minnow fishing.

Hook #6
Fast Hooking Special
Wide gap, open-shape, fine wire hook, that produces faster, firmer hook-set. Perfect for a wide range of techniques such as high and medium pitch Spooning and Cranking. Diameter: 0.51 mm

Hook #6.5
Finesse Spooning Virtuoso
In between #6 and #7, #6.5 is the perfect hook for delicate manipulation of 1-2 gram spoons. The aggressive, curved shape of this ultra-fine wire hook relays sensitive bite information with incredible accurately. Designed for ‘Area Style’ or stocked pond tournament fishing. Diameter: 0.48 mm

Hook #7
Tough Conditions Master
Designed for difficult, slow activity fishing situations. Narrow gap, turned-in hook point produces solid, deep hook-sets even from the most finicky fish that barely nibble. Diameter: 0.51mm

Hook # 7.5
A Site Spooning Sharpshooter
Designed for quick hookset when site casting for visible bites. The hook’s wide gape opening allows quick hookset action the moment the fish bites. Diameter: 0.48 mm

Hook #8
Micro Spoon Special
Specifically designed for finesse fishing using micro spoons under 1 gram. Narrow gap, open point model for shy, non-aggressive takes, made from ultra-light gauge wire. Diameter: 0.48mm

Hook #8.6 (Eight-six)
#8 Size and #6 Shape
Referred to as ‘Eight-Six,’ hook #8.6 combines the size of #8 with the shape of #6 to match the needs of micro spoons and the quick retrieve of mini size crankbait and minnows. Diameter: 0.51 mm

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