Varivas Canvas Hook

Varivas Barbless Canvas Hook. Perfect for the catch and release method of fishing.


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Varivas Canvas Hook

Varivas Canvas Hook. #8 hook specifically designed for finesse fishing. Used with micro spoons under 1gr. in weight. Narrow gape, open point model for “shy”, non-aggresive takes, made from ultra-light gauge wire. #7 designed for slow activity situations. Narrow gape, turned-in hook point resulting in deep hooking even from “light” takes from finicky fish. Solid hook ups and low loss rate. #6 wide gape, open-style, fine wire hook, resulting in faster and firmer hook-ups and reduced fish losses during play. Perfect for wide range of techniques such as high and meduim pitch spooning and cranking. #4 wide gape, “power wire” hook pattern designed for fast-action, multiple fish takes, such as with newley released area fish. Especially suited for deep lure and minnow fishing. All in all great hooks to preserve and keep fish healthy.

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