An Evening Adventure and a Morning Triumph: Fishing for Chub

An Evening Adventure and a Morning Triumph: Fishing for Chub


Day 1: Evening Scouting

The evening was cloudy, with rain threatening on the horizon. After a short 25-minute drive, I arrived at the fishing spot. It was perfect—shallow, fast-running water, ideal for chub. The surface was alive with activity, chubs feeding on insects.

I started casting upriver, letting the flow catch my lure and reeling it in slowly as it neared the bank. Ten casts in, I felt the first bite, but no hookup. Undeterred, I moved downstream, repeating the process. Two more bites, but again, no fish. The chubs were cautious, nibbling but not committing.

All bites were on the Jackall Chubby 38F SSR. As the clouds darkened and rain began to fall, I took shelter in the brush. Thirty minutes later, the rain stopped, and I was back at it, trying a new lure—the Smith Canemusi. Another bite, another miss. Frustrated but determined, I called it a night, resolving to return early the next morning.

Day 2: Morning Magic

By 8 am, I was back at the river, casting once again. The fish were active on the surface, breaking the morning calm. Using the same method, I soon hooked my first chub. Not the biggest, but it put up a good fight. Light gear, strong current—it was exhilarating. I snapped some pictures and released it.

Moving downstream, I aimed to cast between two rocks in the middle of the river. I missed, but as soon as the lure hit the water, fish on! This one was bigger, diving into the weeds, but I wrestled it into my landing net. Another beauty, another photo, and another release.

The sun climbed higher, and the temperature rose. I snagged one more perch before deciding to try another spot, about 10 minutes away. Wading through the brush, I startled a deer on the opposite bank—a cool sighting.

Ten minutes in, I got a bite right as the lure hit the water. The fish jumped, throwing the lure back at me. Frustrated, I moved on to another patch. By now, the sun was high, and the heat was blistering. Wading in those conditions was tough.

I spotted another angler in the distance, already fishing the patch I was heading for. Disappointed, I returned to the car and drove to another spot. This one yielded two more perch but no chub. The heat had driven them deep.

I ended the day, hoping for more chub but satisfied with the adventure. Fishing isn’t just about the catch; it’s about the experience, the challenge, and the moments in between.


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