Chub close up
Posted by | 2019-07-01

As the sun rises I prepare my kayak for a day of fishing. The plan is to target chub, before they become passive in the midday heat. In hand my...

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Megabass Shoreluck XX SLX-83UL
Posted by | 2018-11-18
Review of the Megabass Shoreluck

I read about the Megabass Shoreluck in a fishing forum, described as the ultimate rod for trout, I found one in the local classifieds and soon enough the rod was...

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Winter trout
Posted by | 2018-02-07
First trout of the season

January 26th.   The weather is cloudy, windy the temperature +6C, frozen guides will not be an issue, time to open the trout season. No pressure for a catch just...

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