Nories Masukurouto Rooney

MASUKUROUTO ROONEY is designed to catch as many fish as possible when fish are active in the morning and also increase your catch when you have hit on an active section of fish. When fish are active a fast straight retrieve will put you on the fish.


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Nories Masukurouto Rooney

The Masukurouto Rooney catches as many fish as possible. Get the most out of morning feeding or when you locate a promising river patch. A fast straight retrieve will attract active fish to bite. But when the fish have settled down simply slowing your retrieve will create an irregular action to bring extra bites. Those two aspects of the the Masukurouto Rooney are the key to its success. Also engineered with the unique Masukurouto series flat center design. It helps to cast further and keeps the lure at the working depth when retrieving. It will catch not only trout, but also grayling, chub, perch and over predators. All in all the Masukurouto Rooney is a quality lure created by Nories pro staff to satisfy anglers.

1.8g model is great searching lure to test the waters. Specially designed body stays in the target range for longer. A simply change in retrieve speed will cause irregular action. Swims smoothly even in strong stream currents.


Nories Masukurouto Rooney tech. specifications

Weight: 1.8g, 2.2g, 2.8g

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