Pontoon21 Crack Jack 48SP DR

The Crack Jack 48SP DR from Pontoon21 is part of the Crack Jack series. It boasts the most variety of minnows. According to the operational depth, each size has three variations. Shallow runner (SR), medium runner (MR), and deep runner (DR) are three types of runners (DR). They can also be suspended or floating. This aids the angler in catching predatory fish in a variety of environments, including rivers, lakes, and ponds. Perch, pike, pike perch, chub, ide, asp, rudd, trout, and grayling are among the species that can be caught.

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Pontoon21 Crack Jack 48SP DR

Pontoon21 Crack Jack 48SP DR is part of the Crack Jack series. It has the widest selection of minnows. Each size includes three modifications according to operating depth. Shallow runner (SR), medium runner (MR) and deep runner (DR). Also they can be floating or suspending. This helps the angler to successfully catch predatory fish in various conditions – rivers, lakes and ponds. Among the possible catches are perch, pike, pike perch, chub, ide, asp, rudd, trout, grayling.

The shallow runner version is mostly a twitching model. Its attractive play is revealed during shorts jerks. The play is less expressive on a uniform retrieve. But it does not prevent the lure from catching chub and perch in shallow areas. The Medium Runner version is good for both twitching and uniform retrieving. Even the beginner will catch a fish with a uniform lead. It is worth diversifying with stops and small jerks, adding new touches to the seductive draw.

The minnow has a prolonged, beam-like body. Within which there is a balance system – Magnetic Force Balance (MFB). It is thanks to this system that these minnows have excellent ballistic qualities. The system consists of two metal balls. One of them is fixed at the head. The second one is located in a special chamber located behind the lower mounting loop. During the cast, it moves to the tail, shifting the center of gravity. This ensures accuracy and range. After splashdown the ball returns to the beginning of the chamber. Crack Jack minnows can be successfully used in ponds or streams . Different types of retrieves work well with this minnow. The legendary Owner hooks leave fish no chances to escape. To conclude the Pontoon21 Crack Jack 48SP DR lures everything in the underwater kingdom.

Pontoon21 Crack Jack 48SP DR tech. specifications

Weight: 3.7g

Length: 48mm

Working depth: 1.8 – 2m





Working depth

1.8 – 2m

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