Pontoon21 Crack Jack 38SP DR

The Crack Jack 38SP DR from Pontoon21 is part of a series of lures that debuted in 2009. In a short amount of time, it became a must-have for ultralight fishing enthusiasts. The lures in this series are the most diverse. There are three possibilities for each size. These alternatives are determined by the lure’s diving depth. Shallow runner (SR), medium runner (MR), and deep runner (DR) are three types of runners (DR). Anglers can also select between suspended and floating techniques.

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Pontoon21 Crack Jack 38SP DR

Pontoon21 Crack Jack 38SP DR is part of the series of lures that went on sale in 2009. During a short period of time it became a must have for fans of ultralight fishing. This series has the most broad selection of lures. Each size also has three options. These options depend on the diving depth of the Pontoon21 lure. Shallow runner (SR), medium runner (MR) and deep runner (DR). Also anglers can choose between a suspending and a floating option.

In ponds and lakes it is great for perch, pike and rudd on the outskirts of water lilies. In flowing water it will attract chub or asp will not hesitate to snatch the minnow. The Crack Jack is used by competition anglers with high rates of success.
The minnow has a elongated, shaft – like body. Inside there is a Magnetic Force Balance system. As the name indicates it is to balance the Pontoon21 lure no matter the retrieve. The balancing system consists of a moving ball in the belly part of the minnow. At the moment of cast it shift to the tail of the Pontoon21 lure. After splashdown the ball returns to the default position. Thus increasing the casting distance and stabilizing the minnow upon impact.
Different types of retrieves all work with this minnow. The Owner hooks leave leave predators no chance of escaping when they bite down on the Crack Jack. To conclude the Pontoon21 Crack Jack lures just about everything that moves in the water.


Pontoon21 Crack Jack 38SP DR tech. specifications

Weight: 2.6g

Length: 38mm

Working depth: 1 – 1.4m





Working depth

1 – 1.4m

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