Pontoon21 Cheerful 40F SR

The Pontoon21 Cheerful 40F SR is part of the Cheerful series, which began the brand’s history. The Cheerful 40 is a super-lightweight lure. It’s also effective with light tackle. Pontoon21 became well-known almost immediately after the initial model was released. Accurate control during retrieval, good light tackle information, adequate casting distance, and the ability to elicit bites from both predatory and non-predatory fish. The Cheerful 40 is a compact, nimble lure that combines all of these qualities.

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Pontoon21 Cheerful 40F SR

Pontoon21 Cheerful 40F SR is part of the Cheerful series which started the history of the brand. Cheerful 40 is a ultralight lure. It also works well with light tackle. Once the first model appeared, Pontoon21 instantly became well-known. Accurate control during retrieval, good information on light tackle, decent casting distance and the ability to provoke bites of not only from typical predators, but also fish that are not predatory. All these elements make up the Cheerful 40 – an agile, small lure.

The balancing system consists of three spaced tungsten balls with limited mobility. Despite the fact that they remain in the same position during casting, the compact body and balance of the lure provide a stable trajectory and long range. Catches everything, everywhere, without being overthrown in any stream. Perfect movement in any whirlpool. What is more always remains attractive to fish both in streams and calm waters.

The first lure in the series was the Medium Runner. Pontoon21 Cheerful 40F SR is still popular and its hit record includes almost all the predators inhabiting our waters. In fact the majority of anglers specializing in finesse fishing consider this small shad as one of the best for ultra-light fishing. Their flat body perfectly imitates hatchlings. Moreover the excellent internal balancing system allows to achieve important characteristics. Great casting distance, distinct action. The lure works well and its movement is attractive to fish with any retrieve style. To summarize the Pontoon21 Cheerful is the ideal universal lure for ultra light fishing.

All models of the Cheerful family are equipped with reliable Owner ST-36BC treble hooks.


Pontoon21 Cheerful 40F SR tech. specifications

Weight: 2.5g

Length: 40mm

Working depth: 0.3 – 0.5m

Lure type: Floating (F)

Hooks: Owner ST-36BC





Working depth

0.3 – 0.5m

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