Minnow lures

Minnow lures usually have a thin, long body. They imitate school fish. Some minnow lures come without a lip and are called pencil lures. Depending on your rod movement you can animate the minnow lure. Creating an illusion of a hurt, dying school fish.

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DUO Spearhead Ryuki 45S

DUO Spearhead Ryuki 45S

DUO Spearhead Ryuki 45S is a flat, heavy minnow. It is responsive with a sharp action. Moreover it is able to make consecutive twitches in a short distance, this is thanks to a fast initiation. When twitching aggressive, with no pauses or stops, the lure waddles from one side to the other. Also like a wounded fish it has a slight up and down deviation. Works well on the current no matter the angle of attack. It is effective in shallow water.

DUO Spearhead Ryuki 50S

DUO Spearhead Ryuki 50S

DUO Spearhead Ryuki 50S has a flat yet heavy body. Which creates a sharp responsive action. Moreover initiation is fast and is capable of staging consecutive twitches within a short distance. Aggressive twitching with no pauses or stops makes the bait waddle from side to side with a slight deviation up and down imitating a wounded fish. On the current it works at different angles it is especially effective in shallow areas.

Jackall Timon Tricoroll 55S Iwana

Jackall Timon Tricoroll 55S

Jackall Timon Tricoroll 55S a classic shallow-water minnow. It has an original “Sheda” hump, capable of resisting even strong currents. When jerking the lure it reveals the performance and characteristics the developers laid down in the body shape. This is especially pronounced in smaller models. Tricoroll wobblers are able to provide stable, uninterrupted play at any speed.

Jackson Trout tune 55S GCY

Jackson Trout tune 55S

Cast ability, water resistance and a sharp action are elements required to create a well-balanced lure all. Jackson Trout tune 55S posses all of these features. Two weights have been placed at its center. They help to grip water on the lip while keeping a natural sinking posture by making the front side heavier. Great lure for native trout fishing.

Supremo Baila 50H 12

Supremo Baila 50H

Supremo Baila 50H a quality minnow produced in Japan. It is intended to be used in fast flowing Japanese mountain streams. But it works in slow flowing rivers, lakes, ponds. As all Baila models it has a double lip system which creates rapid vibrations, taunting fish to attack.

Supremo Baila 50HMD 02

Supremo Baila 50HMD

Supremo Baila 50HMD a high quality minnow. It is a lure that can perform in any situation including fast flowing mountain rivers. It has a innovating Double lip system. The purpose of it is to create fast vibrations, taunting timid trout to attack the minnow. Also no matter how fast the current the swimming line never changes and is very stable. Anglers can achieve agile reactions and movements with little rod work.

Supremo Baila 50M 04

Supremo Baila 50M

Supremo Baila 50M a Japanese lure that oozes with quality. Created for fast flowing mountain streams, but performs just as well in any other surroundings. A double lip system that is unique to Supremo lures creates swift vibrations, taunting predators to attack. It is a lure with a stable swimming line in slow or fast flowing waters. Energetic movements can be created with minimal rod work and is friendly to new anglers.

Supremo Baila 50XH 05

Supremo Baila 50XH

Supremo Baila 50XH is a high performance mountain stream minnow that has exceptional quality. Super speed vibrations are created by the innovating Double lip system. These vibrations attract wary trout to attack the lure. Even in the fastest flowing rivers the Baila 50XH has a perfect swimming line and a clean high speed balanced action.

Baila 50xmd 04

Supremo Baila 50XMD

Supremo Baila 50XMD is a performance quality mountain stream minnow.  It includes the innovating Double lip system. Which creates super-speed vibrations, taunting wary trout to chase the lure. Moreover the Supremo Baila has an unwavering swimming line even in the fastest flowing rivers.  Not to mention a clean, high-speed, balanced actions without disorder. All in all the Baila makes various fishing strategies possible.

Supremo Mofe 50MS 03

Supremo Mofe 50MS

Supremo Mofe 50MS best described as an energetic, magnificent surface dancer. Has an active range for fast flowing surface water. The traditional mold of the minnow has been broken by new technologies. The “Double Lip System” & “Belly Kicker” added to the revolution. Besides the lure can be fully utilized in headwaters, small streams.  Moreover the Double lip system allows the lure to emit fast and powerful underwater vibrations. What is more the flight posture is incomparable to anything else in the market due to a balanced center of gravity.

Mofe 50SS 01

Supremo Mofe 50SS

Supremo Mofe 50SS is a energetic surface dancer. Most shines in fast flowing surface waters. The aim of the Mofe models is threw technologies to break the traditional mold of a minnow. The “Double Lip System” & “Belly Kicker” adds unique features only known in Supremo lures. Further more the lure can be successful in headwaters or small streams. Also the “Double lip system” allows the minnow to create speedy and powerful vibrations that travel underwater.


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