Forest river
Posted by | 2020-01-25
No trout

As tradition January 1st is spent trout fishing. Found a small river I have never tried, minimal info on the web, going in blindly.  After a 40 minute drive of...

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Chub close up
Posted by | 2019-07-01

As the sun rises I prepare my kayak for a day of fishing. The plan is to target chub, before they become passive in the midday heat. In hand my...

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Ito Craft Expert Custom 56ULX
Posted by | 2019-04-26
Review of the Ito Craft Expert Custom

Japanese lure fishing has deep traditions. Rivers of Japan are characterized by their relatively short lengths and considerably steep gradients due to the narrow and mountainous topography of the country...

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Winter trout
Posted by | 2019-03-08
Overview of Winter

Winter is over, well sort of...the calendar indicates it is spring, but reaching hidden streams still requires trekking threw a snow covered forest floor. This winter has been challenging. 5...

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2018 in numbers
Posted by | 2019-01-01
2018 in numbers

2019 has already begun so here is a recap of 2018.

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Megabass Shoreluck XX SLX-83UL
Posted by | 2018-11-18
Review of the Megabass Shoreluck

I read about the Megabass Shoreluck in a fishing forum, described as the ultimate rod for trout, I found one in the local classifieds and soon enough the rod was...

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Birds eye view of the river
Posted by | 2018-09-23
Autumn fishing. A Nostalgia trip

September 2nd.   Visiting my parents this weekend. Will be fishing a river where It all began, hundreds of hours spent learning numerous lessons not only about lure fishing, but...

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Carefull handling
Posted by | 2018-09-02
A bittersweet ending to the summer

August 15th.   A national holiday - time to fish. I pick up a friend and we set off. Heading to a river known to both. It has ample amounts...

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Trout from above
Posted by | 2018-05-08
A flooded meadow

May 1st.   Found a promising river a couple weeks back which I decide to visit again. About 90min north of Vilnius, with a 15km drive threw a spine crushing...

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Small trout
Posted by | 2018-05-01
Fly vs. Spinning

April 22nd.   My friend and I are on the way to a well-known river to both of us for a day of fishing. Friend is a fly fisherman who...

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