Quality without the price tag. Pontoon21 fishing lures are Japanese designed. All come with Owner Hooks as standard. As well as a high quality finish that one would expect from a premium quality brand. They also do a range of terminal tackle which includes snaps, split rings, lines, rods.

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Pontoon21 Red Rag 32F SR

Pontoon21 Baby Red Rag 32F SR

Pontoon21 Baby Red Rag 32F is a smaller version of the Red Rag. It is an ultralight lure and thank to the size it is attractive to a wide variety of fish. Still, the main trophies are chub, perch, asp, trout, grayling.

Pontoon21 Cheerful 40F SR

Pontoon21 Cheerful 40F SR

Pontoon21 Cheerful 40F SR is part of the Cheerful series which started the history of the brand. Cheerful 40 is a ultralight lure. It also works well with light tackle. Once the first model appeared, Pontoon21 instantly became well-known. Accurate control during retrieval, good information on light tackle, decent casting distance and the ability to provoke bites of not only from typical predators, but also fish that are not predatory. All these elements make up the Cheerful 40 – an agile, small lure.

Pontoon21 CrackJack 38F MR

Pontoon21 Crack Jack 38F MR

Pontoon21 Crack Jack 38F MR is part of the Crack Jack series. It was released in 2009. Right away anglers took a liking to the lure because of the great results it showed. Having three options to choose from the series is the widest in the Pontoon21 lure universe. Shallow runner (SR), medium runner (MR) and deep runner (DR). Further more anglers can also choose between a suspending and floating option.


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